PfSense 2 builder scripts ? wich one ???

  • Hello,

    I'm new in pfSense dev and building. I like yhis project and would like contribute in testing and developpement.

    I have a fine builder tree for PF 2.0 and freeBSD 8.1.
    I build ISO with ./
    But how to generate img for Alix ? With ?? What item in menu ?
    Or with other script ???
    I have no found information about that.

    Why for img for CF, they should be sized as the CF ?
    I work with a Linux cross compiler tool chain for embbedded Linux ( for Alix/Soekrix/Lanner) and I create img with a down size of the CF, and work well.

    Thanks for your help.

  • build nanobsd should be the right selection.

    Old embedded is obsolete, i think.

  • Ok Thank you.
    I saw and
    The firts amha prepare an image for VGA enable hardware that i did not saw in

    I suppose that I have to use nano_wrap for alix pc engines (with only serial console)
    or  build_nano use VGA but it is serial console enable ??
    Thx U for your help.

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