Limiter issue with FTP

  • I am running 2.0-RC1 on a older snapshot I believe but I noticed if I try to use the limiter for inbound FTP traffic, FTP stops working. Has anyone else encountered this? I am wondering if the limiter is not working with the built in FTP proxy. Anyone else encounter such issues?

  • I ran a few more tests and did confirm the limiter is not working for FTP, at least not passive FTP. Disable the limiter FTP works ok. Now, the only thing I have not tried yet is updating to a newer snapshot as this build is from Feb. 28th I believe, perhaps it was addressed already?

    Will do more testing.

  • After further testing the problem only appears to be with passive FTP. Non-passive mode works ok so maybe the passive ports are outside of the dummynet pipes? I did try to create a seperate rule for the passive ports and also assigned them to the same limiter pipes but that did not work either.

    Will continue looking.

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