Hardware compatibility with VIA Epia Series?

  • Hi!

    I hope someone would have testet the compatibility with the VIA Epia architecture. Is there any experience with this type of hardware?
    I would be happy für your respone.

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  • Most via boards works like a charm.

    One thing i noticed that the V-series are not very happy with atheros based wireless cards. This is about 6 months ago, so I'm not sure if this is still a issue. The symptom is that the unit crashes when you start to push data thru the wirless interface. Other that that they seem to vork fine (and this issue is only on v-series afaik.)

  • Thank you for the info. This are great news.

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  • I'm doing  a lot of testing with a doubled via epia c3 1 GHz Nehemia system (2 systems in one 1U case) and it works pretty good.

  • has anyone seen rebooting issues with via boardsw. i have about 10 of them, 5 800mhz 3 lan and 5 1.2 mhz boards dual lan these all perform great but some of them don't reboot cleanly.

    they seem to hang on shutdown after the interfaces disconnect has anyone got any great ideas of what to do about this.

  • Yes,

    hoba has this same problem.  Best bet is to install RELENG_6 and reproduce the problem on a vanilla freebsd box then email the freebsd support lists.

  • I have a Via Epia M 933. You need to disable acpi or boot without ACPI to make sure it shutsdown and reboots properly. Even the latest bios has this behaviour.