CARP and Routed Real IP Subnet

  • Hi Guys

    I'm looking at using PFSense in a CARP setup.

    I currently have a /27 subnet routed to me. I'm using monowall at the moment, and I have this /27 subnet on one of my OPT interfaces. I also have a LAN interface.

    Can I use CARP and still have this /27 routed to me?

    Do I simply use 3 of the /27 IP addresses to do the CARP setup?

    For example:

    PFSense Master - OPT1 Interface =
    PFSense Backup - OPT1 Interface =
    CARP VIP =

    And then the CARP VIP becomes the Default Route for my server? Have I got this right?


  • Exactly

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