QinQ interfaces

  • Hello all,

    I have been working with pfsense since a year ago without problems. But now in my work the provider is giving some dedicated links and they tell me that in order to make the link available we need to use the standard 802.1ad, this standard is for vlans into vlans as I understand. Reading on pfsense 2 I can see that there is available the QinQ interfaces. I have been trying with it with no success. Im not really sure how to configure it and I cant find any documentation about it.

    I would really apreciate some help!!!!!!!! please!!

    thanks a lot!!

  • Ok, I succesfully make a connection between two sites using QinQ, but my problem now is when reboting the pfsense the configuration of the interfaces are lost, I have noticed that this only occurs when the QinQ interfaces are enabled.

    I dont know if anybody have solved this! please help.

    Or maybe someone could help me locating the file where the interfaces are stored, so I can make a script to excecute it when rebooting the system

    Saludos! and thank you

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