Can we get nano on pfSense?

  • I know messing with configuration files and such should essentially be completely unnecessary, but who knows into what pickle I'm able to put myself, and having a text editor has been useful on occasion.

    Problem: vi and I don't mix.
    Not trying to get into an editor war, but could we please have some option of a small visual editor installed on pfSense other than vi?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    just install nano from freebsd ports, I have it running on my pfsense box

    [2.0-RC1-IPv6][admin@pfsense.local.lan]/root(3): pkg_info | grep nano
    nano-2.2.4_1        Nano's ANOther editor, an enhanced free Pico clone

  • Try ee is simple and does the job

  • You can, we're not going to build it in by default.  pkg_add -r nano

  • Thanks, got nano installed, just wasn't sure if it was safe.
    If I had known about ee I would have skipped that, but now I have plenty of choices ;)

  • Howdy,
    Stumbled in here browsing the forum & this thread was helpful 2-fold: Hadn't used ee before & vi on pfsense didn't seem to work like vi I was used to from centos plus the pkg commands are handy to know as I've been used to yum so thanks. :)

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