Hangs at spinner only after updating to latest bios

  • I have an old dx2000 that I've used in the past for testing pfSense. Here's my history with it:

    • Original bios(?), installed pfSense 1.2.3 on a few occasions. Worked pretty well, but I would continually get ACPI messages unless I started it with ACPI disabled.

    • Updated bios to latest version (1.17 Rev B) to see if this would resolve the problem. Installed clean pfSense 1.2.3. While installing, got this message many times: "_tmp value is absurd ignored". Hangs at spinner after install. Same issues with pfSense 2.0 RC1.

    Based on this, it appears that something in the bios update is causing this problem. I'm going to run through the boot troubleshooting steps in the docs, and I might try to roll back the bios (I wish I would have made a note about what the version was before the update).

    I don't think the "_tmp value is absurd ignored" issue would cause the freeze, but I'm not positive. I've read about the workaround for this, but I'm guessing I need the machine to boot before I can do this. :)

    Here's a link to the bios revision history. Does anyone see anything here that may be responsible for the "hang at spinner" problem?

  • I rolled back the bios and still continued to have issues. I followed the boot troubleshooting doc but nothing helped. I've also been getting a number of other errors during the install, so I've decided to give up on this machine.

    I grabbed an even older IBM server that I had laying around and got pfSense up and running on it in no time at all.

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