PF-Sense on x500 Watchguard

  • I love 2.0 RC-1 on my Watchguard x500.  It is running like a top.  Has anyone added a internal HD to x500?  Trying to figure out if it is possible.

  • Netgate Administrator

    It certainly is possible. There is even a slot for it on the front though I don't think they provided a cradle in most units so you have to find a substitute/make one.
    No watchdog timeouts on the re interfaces?


  • not that I have seen.  everything is working fine.

  • I'm starting to see these in used sale places (ebay, Silicon Valley, etc).  Since they are apparently x86 boxes (as most medium sized firewall boxes are), how did you install? (CF card and serial port console?)

    And the front ports … are they all individual interfaces or just a switch?

    And last -- any detected crypto accelerator hardware inside?


  • Netgate Administrator

    You would be best reading the Watchguard X700 thread here, all 24 pages of it!

    The X500, X700, X1000 and X2500 are all identical hardware.

    People have used CF and HD but CF is easier as there's no mounting hardware for a HD. There isn't a graphics card onboard, but there is a PCI slot if you have a card, so most people use serial.

    The front ports are individual Realtek NICs.

    They all have crypto hardware, mostly SafeNet SafeXcel-1141 which is supported by FreeBSD but there are mixed reports of actually getting it working.

    Check on Ebay for the more recent X550e or X750e or the much rarer X5000, X6000 or X8000. All great hardware.