Automatic interface assignment?

  • Is it possible to add automatic assignment for interfaces.
    Sometimes I have situation when I have to reset to default pfsense and I don't have monitor/kayboard, so what I'd like to see is to automaticaly assign ethernet interface to after 60 seconds, and to set all other interfaces to dhcp. Think that would be really great.

  • Maybe a not so "unpredictable" half-automatic sequence might make sense.

    System with unassigned interfaces goes to automatic link up sensing by default. Then you have to plug in cables in the order LAN, WAN, OPT1, OPT2,… . When system awaits a link up on an interface we could force this by a beepjingle. Now you can either start configuration via console or just plug a cable. Single beep confirms LAN interface assignment, dual beep confirms WAN, tripple beep confirms OPT1,... As you always need at least WAN and LAN these steps should have no timeout. For OPT1,2,3,... a 20 second timeout could finish the sequence and play another jingle. This procedure wouldn't involve any keypress/input/output at all and still the interface assignment is not unpredictable.

    I'm not sure though if it's worth the effort and if somebody is willing to code it  ;)

  • What we need is forcing interfaces to some default IP's so we can get acess to it via wireless, that's the main problem, or at least to force LAN, and skip other interfaces (DHCP) so the system would be acessible via LAN.
    Anyway… yup, it's not a worthy feature, maybe with some bonty? ;)

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