Dispersed Dual WAN

  • Not sure what to call this thread.  I just started managing a new environment and it's a bit different than a typical multi WAN setup.  Hopefully someone can point me to the cleanest way to do this.

    The office is located in two buildings and connected via a WLAN link.  Building One has a cable connection.  Building Two has a "free" DSL connection included with the phone service.  Right now, people in building 2 are connecting to the DSL wirelessly and connecting a wire to get to the LAN.  That's okay, except they would like to have access to everything wirelessly.  I'd like to make use of both Internet connections because the WLAN link is not the fastest and if I can keep all the Internet traffic off of it, it would speed up the building to building traffic.

    What I'm thinking would be to use two pfSense machines.  One at each building.  Use at building One and at building Two.  I'd connect the WLAN link units to their own interfaces on each pfSense box.  Each pfSense would handle DHCP and DNS for it's own building.  I'd put a static route in each machine to direct traffic to the other LAN network through the WLAN link interface and set up the proper firewall rules to allow access.  I'd setup DNS on each pfSense box with DNS info for both LAN networks.

    Here are my questions:
    Will this work?

    Is there a better way to do this?

    Should the WLAN link be setup using a separate network such as

    Would this allow me to manually (by changing the default gateway) send all Internet traffic down one or the other WAN connection in the event that one WAN provider goes down?

    Thanks for any thoughts and replies!  Have a great day!

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