• Background:  I have a home-built pfSense 2.0 (RC1) box deployed in a Wifi hotspot in a residential property.  I'm trying to put together a small Cron script to periodically send icmp pings to the seven or so wireless access points in my system and, in the case of 100% packet loss on one of the units, shoot me an email to inform me of the issue so I can hopefully pick it up before too many user complaints come along.

    However, I can't seem to figure out if pfSense has a built in command line mail package.  I haven't been able to find the normal FreeBSD mail command in the system.  I tried to install a Mutt port from the FreeBSD package site, but somehow I wasn't able to install it properly - and in the process broke a key library necessary for building my RRD graphs (I ended up loading a newer snapshot to resolve the issue).  I blame my lack of *nix knowledge for the complication, mainly because I don't spend enough time working with it to be well versed in the procedures.  I'd obviously prefer to attempt this on a system separate from my pfSense box, however I don't have the luxury of deploying another server in the network due to financial constraints - Thus trying to use my pf box for a bit of multitasking.

    So, I suppose my questions are:  Does PF2.0 have a built in mail client?  If not, is there a mail package you could recommend to me for this task?  I'm willing to learn here, but my various forum and google searches on the subject have been less than fruitful.

  • Take a look at the Zabbix Agent package. I have not had time to try it. Looks interesting though.

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    FYI- pfSense does not include a CLI mail client.