Pfsense as VPN gateway

  • Hi, I need some help with routing and NAT.

    I have been using pfsense 1.2.1-RC2 as my firewall - LAN and WAN and now, I have setup one more box to use as a VPN (IPSec) gateway to connect to another network (that uses Check Point). This box has only one interface, VPN.

    WAN and VPN interfaces are connected to a switch that is connected to the ISP router

    The tunnel is established well and I am able to ping hosts on the other side of the VPN tunnel from the VPN box. However, I am not able to ping the hosts on the vpn from the WAN interface or LAN interface from my firewall.

    I have added a static route on LAN interface, so that all traffic to the vpn network are passed through the VPN gateway.

    Any input is greatly appreciated !


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