Can't connect to modem

  • I have 2(WAN, and OPT1) commy modems, and

    I added DSL line, the modem runs at can't change this)(OPT2)

    My lan is
    I can't access the modem from my pcs, but I can ping it and all that stuff from pfsense.


    I also added a LAN firewall rule, where destinated
    gateway is GW_OPT2

    Didn't help D:

    Is the problem because it is on and that is the same subent as my LAN?

  • Yep.

    Can you run the modem in bridge mode and let your router do the login?

    Otherwise choose a different subnet…

  • Good point about the bridge most, I guess I'll try that.(If the modem supports it)
    Reason why I don't want to change my LAN subnet is because I will have to change so many NAT rules, and change ip of the pcs. As they are all manually entered ; /

    Edit: Wait, how will bridge mode help? Won't I still have to access the modem at

  • Wait, how will bridge mode help? Won't I still have to access the modem at

    With bridge mode on the modem your router will have your public IP on its WAN port and direct traffic to your ISP's gateway.

    Hopefully your DSL service supports pppoe?!  Most do or will…

    You could set your lan for, but then you'd be limited to the lower 126 addresses on your lan... -  I believe this would work. But if your port forwarding is to any of the addresses above 127 then your in the same boat...

    I like modems in bridge mode myself and seems to be the recommended way if possible...

  • Couldn't get bridge mode working : /

    I don't know, pfsense never got an IP, put it in PPPOE on the interface, put correct username and pass, but could never get an IP… oh well, stupid DSl being on and not awesome like cable and being lol

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