IPv6 with SiXXs

  • Having issues setting up IPv6 with SIXXs.
    I got it working fine with tunnelbroker.net, attempted to setup SIXXs the same way. Then created a merged gateway pool for both tunnels.

    Everything seems to be setup fine, its just that SiXXS status never goes online… still says "Gathering Data"

    SiXXS is setup as 6-4 static IP. (Could note figure out how to do heartbeat at this time, didn't look supported)

    Is there something different that I need to configure with their setup?

    Or am I just missing something...

  • Fixed it… simple remove and setup again fixed it.... So now it says "Online" for all gateways. (ipv4,HE and Sixxs)

    However, sixxs does not work. Both others access net fine (HE (ipv6) and ipv4), yet sixxs says online but can not communicate outside my tunnel... kinda confused at this point.

  • I have not attempted a gateway pool yet.

    And that doesn't work with a gateway pool anyhow, any attempt to send out traffic from a HE address through the Sixxs router will fail.

    The only way to make that work is by performing NAT and there is no provision for that.
    You can not add multiple v6 subnets on the same interface either.

    The only trick you could theoretically use here is performing network prefix translation.
    So if you have 2 /64 subnets, one from each ISP you can then translate this network when traffic leaves the network.

    I do this by assigning a ULA range on the LAN, then create 2 mapping, 1 for each WAN with each network prefix. This so that traffic leaving either interface is using the netblock from the correct ISP. Not much different from ipv4 nat, but subtly different.

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