Beginner question about DNS (,

  • I'm aware that you can set a DNS override - or something along those lines - so you can use the server name rather than the IP for the local network. However, what I want to do as well is to set it up so that from the internet, I can type in ',, etc) and each will connect to each different internal server, complete with full port forwarding.

    This is what I mean:

    ' or :443)' in a web browser will go to the pfSense WebGUI.
    '' for firewall SSH.
    ' or :443)' will go to the server WebGUI.
    ' for server SSH.
    '' for computer 1 RDP
    … and so on, but so I don't need to set lots of port forwards for each server.

    I can't find anything yet that fully answers this, but I'm sure it is possible do make it happen.

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    That is not possible to do on a single IP for almost any other protocol but HTTP. By the time a client hits your firewall, you firewall has no idea what hostname they used to get there.

    To do it with HTTP on port 80, you can use a package like mod_security which can redirect based on hostname, because that is supported in the HTTP protocol.

    Other protocols don't (including HTTPS, mostly) don't have a way to distinguish based on hostname, so you can only have one port forwarded per IP address.

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