Multiple subnets

  • hi,

    I am running a pfsense box on subnet, this box is connected to many wirless access points by LAN & switches.
    actually  wireless clients are on the same subnet than wireless AP (that are configured manually)

    I need to split my network into 2 subnets :

    Client subnet : the same as pfsense box (
    Access point subnet : for example

    my question is : what is the settings that i shoud set to be able to reach the subnet (to access to AP configuration)

    thanks for your suggestions !

  • I have a similiar scenario at a hotel installation. I used some nice Accesspoints that support vlans for this. One of the vlan networks is only for management, the other is for the public access with captive portal enabled. Maybe you can do something similiar. This would also be much more secure than just using different subnetranges.

  • I am using a dd-wrt access points connected on lan port and that support vlan
    But what should i configure in these AP  ?

  • At the pfSense go to interfaces>assign, vlans and add 2 vlans on the physical interface that the APs are connected to, one for the AP management subnet, one for the client subnet. Now go to interfaces>assign and assign the created vlans. They'll show up now in the interfaces menu. Now make the management subnet and the other one By creating firewallrules you can restrict access to the management network if needed.

    You have to do something similiar with the dd-wrt but I don't know that device, so you have to find that out on your own.

  • thanks,
    I 'll try to do that (router used are linksys wrt54g with a modified firmware dd-wrt)

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