Need more understanding pfsense multiwan define to..

  • Hi All,

    A lot of commercial appliance like peplink, elfiq and many more claim their multi wan is also wan aggregation or isp bonding. In other word they mean that one big pipe. How about pfsense? Is it about the same? I really confused for comparing all this devices as they have too many word terms. Hope someone really able to clarify on this also if able to help me differentiate pfsense with those product.

  • 2.0 can bond dsl connections via MLPPP if your ISP supports it…

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Most of the appliances that claim to aggregate multiple lines in that way (without MLPPP) do so by bonding VPN connections back to their datacenter into a large pipe, and charge a monthly fee.

    Others do some kind of proxying/load balancing that works basically like a download manager, splitting a download up into multiple sections and running each on a separate WAN.

  • Hi Guys,

    At last i get better understanding for it. Does it mean also if isp does not support mlppp i could not do wan aggregation? What i want to do is having a big upload pipe for my website. Which i don't really understand how do other big website did it. For example doing a nslookup for it report back with few public ip does it mean is a dns round robin? Could we determine that with multiple public ip is dns round robin?

    Need expert to solve my curiosity. :)

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