Traffic Shaper and Samba

  • Hi, I am quite new in pfSense and I need some help (at begining, sorry for my english:) )

    I have configured pfSense to work with DSL2000 (2048 download, 256 upload) and everything works fine with standard setup. After that, I use Traffic Shaper, configured by wizard (because I'm new :) ). Everything still works fine. Now I want to setup samba server on the same machine, where pfSense is running, so I downdloaded and installed Samba Server 3.x. Uploading files to samba - no problem. But when I want download something, I can do this with only maximum speed of my dsl, how I can fix that? How can I download anything from samba with lan speed? Please help. I found in rules of Traffic Shaper lines contains samba settings (ex. m_Other SMB1 outbound, ports 137-139…), but it not work properly? Why? Pleaaasseeeee, help

  • The trafficshaper is always shaping outgoing traffic, so actually your wan downstream is your lan upstream and that is limited to what you set. There is no easy way to fix this currently I think.

  • An easy way to fix this is not to use pfsense as a file server.  Use a seperate box for windows file shares and FTP.

  • Running Samba on your firewall is not only unsupported but its very dangerous.

    I strongly suggest that you do not do this, it violates almost every security best practice in the book.

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