New to v2 rc1 need help with setup on wan interface with static ip's

  • I have comcast business modem/router, my isp have given me 13 public ip's

    I what to setup my pfsense box with this configuration

    comcast modem/router 74.xx.xx.78–> pfsense box (Wan side 74.xx.11.75 with gatway of 74.xx.xx.78)  (lan side: 192.168.1.x)-> switch-> local network

    I have a ipcop firewall setup this way now and I would like to start using pfsense instead.

    I can't figure out how to add in the gateway on the pfsense v2.0 RC-1.. little help would be appreciate

  • I've found two possibilites:

    1. After initial installation, first time you enter to webui and go through the wizard
    2. in the webui System->Routing and there is first the first tab, after that don't forget to take it in use

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