How to do NAT LAN Port Forward Exceptions

  • PFS Version: 2.0 RC1

    I have a Content Filter setup for a Private School and I'm using NAT Forwarding to send all Port 80 traffic on the LAN to port 8080 on a different subnet for filtering.  The staff would like not to be sent to the Content Filter Server so I need to find a way to selectively send requests out the WAN and the rest to the Content Filter.  I've been able to do this by using the "Not" feature but that only allows me to forward all traffic except for one IP Address.  I was told that this could not be done in PFS 1.2.3 but it was possible in PFS 2.0.  I've tried to create multiple forwards using the "Not" feature but that did not work.  Can anyone please help me understand how this is done in PFS 2.0?
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  • This is just a shot in the dark, but you can keep that not rule that you created but instead of pointing it to a IP address you can point it to an alias in which you could put the computer you want to bypass your proxy. You could also create a seperate subnet or network in which instead of point the not rule at the alias you could point it to that network. Hope this helps.

  • multiple "no RDR" entries will work. Make sure the ordering is correct - first matching rule applies.

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