Using Pfsense in a School

  • Hi there, this is abit beyond me and i've come to a stand still with this, I've been tasked with setting up PFsense so we can allow Personal Devices on our School network, After some time i have PFsense installed and I have setup access so i can get to the PFsense box from the WAN side (our school network).

    But my problem is that our Internet gateway which is working hence me posting this, is showing offline for PFsense, PFsense picks up the dns and gateway Automaticly, but for some reason i can not get internet when connecing a standard laptop to the PFsence box from IP

    If anyone can help please let me know, i'll give more details abotu setup if someone can help.


  • Note: i had just rebooted the PFsense box. to find the gateway was shwoing as ONLINE - So i pinged from the WEBGUI which worked.

    I went back to the dash board and it now shows the gateway offline.

  • Also, when loggin into the PFsense box, On the pfsense box itself it shows me as logging in from ip 213.18.249.xx which is not correct.

    Something is going on here, so if anyone can help out i would be very much greatefull.

  • Here is an image of the main Dashboard

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