Read all of the load balance doc. Still not working.

  • i am fairly good with most computer related things.i have been fighting  this for over a week and now i am ready to establish my shame and ask for help.  ;D
    one iterface is ADSL w/ static IP
    second connection is Cable w/static ip

                        |             |
                        |PFSENSE  |-------lan
                         |             |

    i have set tthe load balance with the nxt hop as the monitor and it willl always use the WAN line and WAN line only.
    I have tryed to simulate the fail over by just unpluggin the cable to see if it would work..... nope. thank you for helping me with this
    i do have the outbound rule set to the loadbalance gatway
    i also have the outbound nat set to the 2 seperate rules in one of the tutorials
    this is the version i am running 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT-01-24-2007

    i am extremly impressed with this program/routing platform and will contuine to help where i can but i need this running  ??? ???
    thank you

    Not to sound like the villiage idiot how do you recommend loading a snapshot?

  • disable advanced outbound nat again, it's usually not needed (only if you use virtual IPs). Also restart from scratch in kind this is an updated installation with the latest snapshot. Due to the latest changes in pool creating you some things in the config.xml did change and there might be something left from the previous config that now breaks it.

  • How do i do the latest install?
    i used the 1.0 release and then using the Update function of PFSENSE i load the latest snapshot.
    is this correct???
    if not is there a "how to" around that i might be able to use?
    thank you

  • Just upload the latest full-update-file from the snapshotserver at system>firmware through the webgui and delete all pools and start over.

  • 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT-01-24-2007
    loaded via the system->update
    all the setting are at default.
    and i am using the
    documet to set this up.
    and still no load balance or fail over
    will only use the wan interface.
    any thoughts????????
    Thank you

  • You changed your lan firewall rules to use the pool as gateway?

  • i think that i remeber reading some where in here that if you have 2 nics on one pci slot via riser card or dual port it can give you some problems
    could that be the case
    becuase today no matter what i did if i took the main Wan down the opt1 would go down also.
    could thsi be the problem?
    thank you

  • Sounds like a monitor IP issue. What does status>interfaces report for WAN and OPT1 if you unplug one of the interfaces?

  • when i unplug wan-> both go down
    unplug opt -> goes down.

    i have the wan monitoring the next hop 10.x.x.x
    and the opt is hooked to the company intranet wich is connected via firewalled dsl. i have to monitoring the firewall gateway.

  • Sounds like hardwareissues. Forcinfg one link down shouldn't affect another one.

  • thats what i am thinking also.
    the hardware is a Dell Optiplex gx150
    512 ram
    20 gig drive
    and a 2 port riser card-> (problem maker)
    i will try on a different pc and keep you all posted thank you Hoba

  • Check with a utility (if available) wether the ports are configured for something special like bonding (creating one link with double bandwidth) or similiar.

  • i have the cards in the new machine with still no luck
    i have the interface ips pointing to the nxt (ie the nxt hop after gateway)
    and when i try the fail over ===nada nothing.
    and i have one address of each dns server on the main setup page
    and all the traffic demands to go down the main wan path no balancing here
    Also as a side note when i have one of the wan unplugged (simulate down line) i get the request times out. as a message. any thoughts on this??
    thank you

  • Do you get status Offline on the WAN link and status Online on the OPT1 link when you check Status/Load Balancer when it should do a failover?
    Do you use two different ip addresses for monitoring? One for WAN and one for OPT1?
    Have you tried the latest snapshot?

  • Yes i am running the 1-24-07 snapshot
    and i have one connection directly in to the back of the cable modem with a static ip addy
    and the wan is plugged in to the company intranet and that is connected via a firewalled DSL connection to very different IP addy and very different Gatway. both ips are static. but to elaborate i am connected via the intranet and typing this  the traffice will only go through the main wan no the opt interfaces. also when i unplug the opt interface the load balance pools will say opt down
    when i unplug the wan interface it will say Wan down. so the program i think is running correct. i have this loaded on a PC with 3 nics in it, 2 are 3com 10/100 and the last is a intel 10/100. i really would like this runingif not it will be in the shelf with the rest of the hopefuls

  • Have you tried running a traceroute from the pfSense shell?
    If not, try traceroute and traceroute

    Try running them both while everything is running normal, then after that
    try running the same traceroutes, but first simulating WAN failure thus forcing
    pfSense to go into failover mode.

  • This won't work. Only connections running through the pfSense can make use of policybased routing/loadbalancing. The pfSense itself will always use the default gateway at WAN. That is also the reason why you need a static route to the second DNS via WAN2 btw. If you do these tests try tracerouting from a cliient behind the pfSense.

  • i got it to work…. sorta

    i have the modems directly plugged in to the back of hte pfsnes box
    and i have the monitoring ips all set
    when i simulate a downage it will contunine to provide interent.
    but now it will only use the opt for constant connections/ dl but will share the wan when browsing.
    kinda funny
    i will go with it for now
    what is the status of the latest release?
    what was changed?
    thank you

  • well guys (girls) Pfsense is running a 50 user companys internet load sharing on a
    1ghz pIII
    256 ram
    3 nics
    and Hd

    When properly configured it blows away what the little and very expnsive previous firewall $0n!c W@ll i am not by any means knocking the $0n!c W@ll but this is far superior.
    thank you for all your help and hope to see you in the future!!!!!!

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