2.0-RC1 (i386) Apr 4 - Web interface VERY sluggish

  • Hi all,

    Ever since I started running RC1 I am experiencing a very annoying slowdown when browsing the web management interface… every few minutes it will just stop serving pages and the browser will just hang trying to get the content. Eventually it becomes snappy again, but it is almost unusable as it seems to be hung more than it is responsive. This is still the same after updating to the latest snapshot from today.

    No slowdowns whatsoever in Internet throughput, the only thing that seems to be affected is the firewall's own web management interface.

    Any help and/or ideas gratefully welcome.

  • Did you try a different browser, different computer and/or clearing cookies/cache to eliminate those?  If you enable SSH & putty in & do top command can you watch if cpu usage spikes & if so which process it is? (Quite possibly php but worth checking)

  • Let me try with different browsers and clients, and I'll report back. So far I have only used Opera for management.

    I'll do a top when the browser seems hung to see what, if anything, is strangling the web server.

    Thank you very much for the suggestions, Bill!

  • Well, I finally found what the problem was! I use LDAP authentication, and I had my DC configured by FQDN. For some reason the name could not be resolved (while, in fact, it resolves just fine via the console), and the lag with the lookups to the non-resolvable address eventually made the machine unmanageable via web. I sinply configured the DC by IP by editing the config file and rebooting.

    The interface is now snappy as they come!

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