Client > Pfsense > Proxy > Internet

  • I have posted else where in this forum with no reply so am trying here.

    Let me tell you what I am trying to arrange as above i'm trying to allow personal devices for Sixth Formers onto our network, without them gaining access to any of our school resources, so effectivly all they will need is the internet.

    I've installed & setup PFsense WAN (DHCP-will be static) / LAN ( I have opened a Rule on the WAN & LAN side to  (for the moment allow everything - while i'm setting up)

    I am able to ping out from the pfsense box & a client connected to the LAN side of the pfsense box to the internet eg

    however when i try to access it, access is somewhat slow, or the page does not load at all.

    I'm sure it's just a setup issue but i would like some help please.

    So our setup is at the moment> Cient > PFsense > Proxy (  > Internet

    Our network itself has 3 DNS servers 1 which is also the Forest Root, afew others, also an Admin network which will not be part of this install.

    On our normal client workstations we have to enter the above proxy to gain access to the interweb. could this be the reason why access is so slow from the pfsense box?

    Thanks in advance.. I have hardly any hair left.:)

  • hellllp

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