Run ntop at startup

  • hey guys!

    anyone can help me to make ntop start at startup? I`ve used ntop before and was working fine but now i see that it dont want to start at startup.

  • As far as I understand, this isn't really recommended since NTOP has a memory leak that will slowly eat your ram until it crashes your system under freeBSD.  If you really want to do it, you should be able just to go to ntop settings, save your changes, and it should start with the system from there out.

  • ok thx
    I`ve realized that my machine it falls.I have under the console the message "get swap space failed" Can be ntop the reason?

  • good question, you can run top in your terminal, if you watch close your swap will slowly start filling most likely, stop ntop and see if your swap keeps filling up.

    (to run top, just go to terminal, get your command prompt, type top)

  • the problem is that when i have "get swap space failed" i cannot do nothing only force the machine to shutdown and power on again.When this error apears u can`t do nothig at the console.:(

  • ya, I gotcha there, but do this right after a fresh reboot.  Most installs of pfsense if it isn't an embedded version will have a swap of 512-1024 MB.  When you type top, let it run for a while, when you only have 50-100 MB left, stop ntop and see if your swap stops filling.  (Ntop takes some time to stop, so don't be surprised when it status > services says its still running after you hit stop it often take a couple minutes)

  • anyway this is not so imp. Ntop is not so good. I`ve noticed that it shows only some kind of traffic.For ex. DC++ is not shown only bittorent and edonkey.Maybe is configured to do this.

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