After installing 2.0RC1 the network discovery disappeard!?

  • Have been running pfSense since 2 years now, and last week I switch to a better computer to run my new installation with load balancing.  ;D

    But I can´t find how to fix this problem, and I have search all over the net for a solution. And frankly, I don´t want to get back to 1.2.3 of pfSense. ^^

    When I was using 1.2.3 I cound find my Windows 2008 R2 shares without no problem, but after installing 2.0 RC1 I´m no longer able to find them.
    I found one solution, but it´s only for Domain computer/servers. I got a simple network at home O_x

    Why I wan´t to fix this is, because I´m using my old Xbox as a mediacenter and when searching for SMB´s I can´t no longer find my shares.

    Anyone got a solution for this one?


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