Amd64 update files wrong !

  • Installed image: 2.0-RC1 (amd64) built on Mon Apr 4 17:38:24 EDT 2011

    This is the update url for amd64 version snapshots:

    In the server there is only nanobsd images not amd64 images!

    latest-nanobsd-1g.img.gz 04-Apr-2011 19:45 73M

    latest-nanobsd-1g.img.gz.sha256 04-Apr-2011 19:45 114

    latest-nanobsd-2g.img.gz 04-Apr-2011 20:41 74M

    latest-nanobsd-2g.img.gz.sha256 04-Apr-2011 20:41 114

    latest-nanobsd-4g.img.gz 04-Apr-2011 21:50 76M

    latest-nanobsd-4g.img.gz.sha256 04-Apr-2011 21:50 114

    latest-nanobsd-512mb.img.gz 04-Apr-2011 20:01 73M

    latest-nanobsd-512mb.img.gz.sha256 04-Apr-2011 20:01 117

    latest.tgz 04-Apr-2011 18:16 100M

    latest.tgz.sha256 04-Apr-2011 18:16 109

    version 04-Apr-2011 18:15 29

    version-nanobsd-1g 04-Apr-2011 19:45 29

    version-nanobsd-2g 04-Apr-2011 20:41 29

    version-nanobsd-4g 04-Apr-2011 21:50 29

    version-nanobsd-512mb 04-Apr-2011 20:01 29

    So whats going on now?  ???

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That is the updaters directory, not the snapshot directory. The amd64 full update is right there (latest.tgz)

    You are probably expecting this URL instead:;O=D

    The URL that ends in .updaters is a special directory used for auto update. It only has the most current update in it. The other URL contains past updates as well.

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