Reinstall SquidGuard

  • Dear Colleagues,

    I upgraded to version 1.3_1 pkg SquidGuard to version 1.4_3 pkg V.1.9 V.1.9
    This version is a problem. After upgrading the rules of the previous version no longer has any effect, it's all released without restrictions, which had not happened in previous version.
    How do I get back to the previous version.

    Can anyone here help me?


  • login on SSH on your pfsense box and then :

    pkg_add -r

    But it looks its not enough :-(

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    uninstall squidguard, and squid, and then from the console:

    pkg_delete squid*

    And then reinstall the packages. See if it works then.

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