Intel 82541PI and traffic shaping (ALTQ) ?

  • I'm planing to buy an Intel Daughter board running the Intel 82541PI controller.

    Here is the info from another thread;
    The following interface types are ALTQ compatible:

    "an", "ath", "awi", "bfe", "bge", "dc", "de", "ed",
    "em", "fxp", "hme", "lnc", "ndis", "rl", "sf", "sis", "sk",
    "tun", "vr", "wi", "xl", "vlan", "ste"

    HCL reports the below;
    The em(4) driver supports Gigabit Ethernet adapters based on the Intel 82540, 82541ER, 82541PI

    So is it safe to assume that the Intel daughter card I'm planning to buy will support traffic shaping?


  • All the descriptions I have read of the packet filtering, shaping, limiting etc suggest they don't require any particular hardware support. In particular, ALTQ is a device driver capability and does not require any particular hardware support.

  • thank you wallabybob.

    I'm searching the forums and online now. Is there a way to find if the Intel 82541PI supports ALTQ ?


  • I think I found my answer at


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