GROWL - SMTP - which error forces notification? E-Mail LoadBalancing problem

  • Hello,

    is it normal, that there is no E-Mail notification if one WAN in LoadBalancing is going down but a growl message ?

    When will an E-Mail be sent ? Which error has to occure or do I have the possibility to edit this ?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The notifications are currently only for major events that cause a notification in the GUI as well. These are usually limited to rare occurrences like generating ssh keys, filter load errors, sync failures, and so on.

  • You say "currently only for major events".

    Does this mean, that there will be notifications for other events in future? In 2.0 or in later releases ? Just asking!

    SMTP didn't report any errors for me - only testmail. GROWL is okay. Sometimes there could be some more information, but it shows me if an interface goes down or up again - that's ok.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    In 2.1 I want to have a user-configurable notification system, something like a command line program to run and the expected output to trigger on. Long way out though.

  • No problem. I'll be there ;-)

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