Squidguard works but not filter web

  • Hi all

    I just update the Pfsense 2.0 to newest updates and there is problem with Squidguard.

    Squidguard still log all web access but not block web as rules

    Pfsense 2.0 beta, build on 5 Apr.

    Blocked log of squidguard as bellow:

    6.04.2011 22:33:13 http://vnexpress.net/favicon.ico Request(default/news_website/-) - GET REDIRECT
    06.04.2011 22:33:12 Request(default/in-addr/-) - GET REDIRECT

    –> But no web blocked, it is still passed.

    in above example: i set schedule in website: 13:30-23:00: workingtime
    group target: news_website with list of expression.

    any help is very appreciative…

    many thanks

  • TAB : "Common ACL"
    What is your redirect mode set as?
    (I use transparent proxy)

    fine print:

    Select redirect mode here.
    Note: if you use 'transparent proxy', then 'int' redirect mode will not accessible.
    Options: ext url err page , ext url redirect , ext url as 'move' , ext url as 'found'.

    I'm using shallalist as a spyware / advert blocker.
    Does the TAB : "Blacklist" work? (download button?)

    Begin blacklist update
    Start download.
    Download archive http://www.shallalist.de/Downloads/shallalist.tar.gz
    Download complete
    Unpack archive
    Scan blacklist categories.
    Found 74 items.
    Start rebuild DB.
    Copy DB to workdir.
    Reconfigure Squid proxy.
    Blacklist update complete.

    (A bit weird behavior on first run/install of squidguard, only really updates the itemlist first time and not DB)

    Should this post not be moved to "packages" ??

  • Hi
    Thank you for help,
    I am in transparent proxy.
    Tab: Common ACL: I am using ext url redirect
    blacklist tab is working well now.
    but Squidguard seems not block sites in blacklist database.

    In brief, they filtered all web traffic but not block

    I look in every details of settings of Squid and Squidguard but can not find reason. Before I use the version build  in Mar, it is OK

    Hope you can help

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