• my case is:
    OpenVPN server on PF, remote access client on vista. Tunnel can be created w/o problem, but any packets are blocked. I tried add it from firewall log by easy rule, and I can see rules are added into OpenVPN interface, but, no any help…...
    Until I play around floating rules. I don't know what it is. But I just need to try everything to make my OpenVPN tunnel work. I then added an allow any rule for all (LAN/WAN/OpenVPN/IPsec) interfaces, then I found the packets go through from remote client to LAN IP dramatically!
    By Googling, I can't find valuable read to let me know what is floating rules, ppl just talked about it with traffic shapping, or IPsec, etc. From PF doc, it just says can define non-interface specific rules.
    But, what is on earth? why it override those "unknow" block rules?