Would netgate hamakua work for this setup?

  • hi! need a router for 100mbps colo. currently i have web, email and database servers there with 20 ipsec tunnels (5mbps tops). i'm doing 150pps on average with spikes to 800pps.
    i also wanna know if there is anything out there similar to hamakua but with 6 net ports. my budget is $700-$800

  • That's more than adequate for that kind of volume. Not a whole lot of lower priced options with 6 ports. Couple old servers could come in under that price, setup with CARP to address the higher likelihood of hardware failure.

  • thanks cmb!
    would crypto card help to unload the cpu or is it just a waste of money?
    what about linitx FX5622, is it any good?

    found network appliance with intel celeron 440 2ghz, 1gb ram and 6 giga ports on Intel 82574 controller. bit over my budget but should do the trick