BRIGDE - Version 2.0

  • Dear Colleagues,

    I need to make a bridge between the rl0 (wireless network) and rl2 (wired network). I went to the web GUI option: Interfaces -> (assign) click on Bridges tab, click on "+" to add the bridge and did the addition of the brigde, however it is not run, can not ping from one network to another.

    The addition of the bridge is only with this procedure? Or more must be done some other setting?
    I'm using version 2.0 RC1


  • You also need to create firewall rules to actually allow traffic.

  • And how would this rule?

    See the addresses:



  • In a bridged setup you have the same subnet on both interfaces.
    You have two different subnets.

    Set a static IP on the wired interface.
    Don't set an IP on the wireless interface.

    Make sure you have a DHCP running on either the wired interface on pfSense itself or on some other device on the wired side.

    For firewall rules:
    Create to start on both interfaces an "allow any to any" rule.
    After you have this working, you can make a more restrictive ruleset.

  • Friend thanks for your interest.

    But in this particular case, what was missing was just between the subnet's gateway RL2 -
    I added it there tab Interfaces -> Static IP configuration
    Now is running cool.
    No need for additional rules.


  • A correction!

    After insertion is possible to ping the gateway on this subnet, but to use devices (like print on a printer) is indeed necessary to insert a rule like the friend had earlier reported.

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