Some small issues

  • I've testing 2.0RC1 and have some issues. I'm using it on a Firebox X700.

    • If you use the Reboot option in GUI or issue a "reboot" or "shutdown -h now" in SSH, system start to reboot/shutdown but never do. Still can use the system. Need to switch off/on the system.

    • Trying to firmware upgrade to latest snapshot using GUI, the update is downloaded and the process starts the upgrade, but never end. GUI always show the firmware upgrade message. If switch off and on the system, the firmware version is same. Update never done.

    Any idea ?

    (sorry for my bad english)

  • Do you have keyboard connected to the server?
    I have noticed this before as soon as I've connected a keyboard the server finished the upgrade and reboots.

  • It's a Firebox X700, don't have keyboard connector.

    But it's solved. It takes a looooot of time, but finally ends rebooting correctly. The upgrade take very long time to, and finally get upgraded to.


  • Hi,
    I noticed the nano/embedded version takes what seems forever to boot. If you watch console via serial you'll see it is waiting like 20 or 30 seconds (heck maybe it is only 10 seconds but seems like eternity lol) for you to select a slice before it eventually chooses the last working one then moves on. Then there is another point where it waits like 3-5 seconds for you to press a key for something else. Then it has to detect all your hardware & sometimes that takes awhile. (I disabled stuff in BIOS i don't need like sound & USB but not sure what your system supports)  I also noticed if you have an interface set to DHCP it but no DHCP server attached to it then it can hang there for awhile too.

    If you really wanted to know what was going on hook null modem serial cable & watch it boot (assuming your box has serial port).  From the moment you tell it to reboot you can watch it shutdown then come back up & see what is taking so long.

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