Need help with squid…

  • can anyone help me .. how to install squid on ssh ?

  • Install it through the GUI, not via the command line. pfSense is not intended to be managed via the command line.

  • Unable to communicate to Please check DNS, default gateway, etc.

    I got this error msg :(
    n nth can't do

  • I'd suggest that you need to sort your DNS issues out before going any further. From a shell try doing an nslookup for, you should get something like


    Non-authoritative answer: canonical name =

    My guess is that it's not resolving properly and you will need to address that before going further.

    While it is possable to add FreeBSD packages to a pfsense system, something like the pfsense squid package is altered to work with a web GUI and as has already been said, should be installed via the web interface.

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