Failover Multi WAN - Static & Dynamic

  • Hello,

    I've a question about a Failover/Loadbalance configuration. I've set up following things:

    1. System - Routing - Groups - a Load Balance group to make sure that I can use both WAN connection's and to have Failover enabled.
    2. I've set up the Firewall - Rules - LAN

    Now the problem: Both connection's are up and running. The static WAN connection is the primary connection.


    I disconnect the static WAN connection, the dynamic keep's running. I connect the static connection back, wait like 4 minutes and then disconnect the dynamic connection… and my access to the internet is down. I can ping to Google's public DNS IP and to my static gateway IP. To get this solved, I need to disable and enable my static WAN connection. My DNS addresses are static to. I use: and Any ideas?


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