Change monitor IP interval?

  • Hi.

    Just installed 2.0 RC1 20110408 today over a 1.2.3. Started to use multi-wan for failover.
    Using WAN as primary, OPT3 as secondary(ADSL) and OPT2(3G, Sony Ericsson W902 via USB) as tertiary.

    Noticed that there is a activity almost every 2 seconds on the OPT3 and OPT2.

    1. How often is the monitor IP being polled?
    2. Can it be changed by a administrator? If not, where in the source code is the interval located?


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The monitor IP is updated every second. You could change the interval if you want, but it may cause other issues. Edit /etc/inc/ and find the line for the interval under the default target. Then edit/save a gateway to resart apinger.

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