Server Load Balancing issues

  • So I am having some weird issues with server load balancing.  I am running amd64 RC1 official release.

    I host a site, we average around 100Mbit/sec of traffic.

    I have a pfSense living in VMware and all servers to run the site are in VMware.

    We have 2 Squid proxies in front of the web server, with them both in a server pool.

    Traffic flows to them fine, however if I mark one as disabled traffic never stops to that box.  Even if it fails the health check, traffic never stops flowing.

    If I physically remove one of the servers from the pool traffic still flows.

    It is like the rule is still allowing traffic even when the server isn't in the pool..

    Anyone seen this?  Or have any ideas?


  • After more testing.  If I reboot when after I remove a server from the pool it comes up correct.  Then I re-enable the server and again can't remove it.  Is there a reload command that should be running after a server is removed from a pool that isn't happening?

    I just disabled one of the servers in the pool again and will let it sit for a while to see if it stops recieving traffic.

    As a side note I don't have stikies enabled.

    Any help would be appriciated.


  • Ok after more testing and troubleshooting.  Reseting the states will cause the traffic to stop going to that host.

    Is there anyway to force this to happen when one of the servers goes offline?  Or when you remove one from the pool?

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