Stupid setup, should work but doesn't?

  • Ok, so I have my pfsense router, then the LAN is connect to a layer 2 switch(computers plugged in here as well), unmanaged. Then I connect my 2nd NIC (OPT1) to the same layer 2 switch. Also plugged into this layer 2 switch is a router(linksys), it has DHCP off. Runs at, my LAN however runs at

    So then I conenct my DSL modem to this linksys router. Then one of the lan ports on this linksys router is plugged back into the layer 2 switch.

    Then on pfsense, it has configured the interface to run at

    However, it doesn't get internet, it can successfully ping from OPT1 though, but no Internet is going through it… in status > gateways, it says offline. However, when I try to ping from it, the pings are going from my WAN, (cable modem), I don't want that... I don't even know why it does that.

    Anyone know why this doesn't work?


  • Since your switch isn't managed, then I assume you are not running seperate vlans?

    Why not simplify it for yourself, and make your cable modem and your dsl modem both go into your pfSense box, and just use your Linksys for wifi (or even pull it out altogether)

    Other way you could do it, is 2 unmanaged switches, one for your Cable network, other for your DSL network. Put the routes in each router (pfSense and Linksys), then set your default route from your comptuer.

    Just some thoughts…

  • I would love to do directly plug them in, but I can't do that.
    I can't plug the dsl modem in the same room as the pfsense router.

    Two seperated unmanaged switches may work, but my setup would not allow it… I simplified it a lot, when I said plugged into the same unmanaged switch, it's really a series of unmanaged switches all connected together.

    Putting seperate unmanaged switches would be nice, but again I can't physically do that with the house's setup... or atleast I don't think... will think about how I can get around that.

    Is there any way to do with with the way I want lol?

  • Grab yourself a pair of HomePlug devices (85 Mb/s and above) and use those to link the DSL directly to the pfSense host. That will make your life a lot easier as you can then configure the pfSense box with Dual WAN.

  • Ah, I didn't even remember that. Good idea, I'll look into that.
    Though, is there anything inheritly wrong with the way I am trying to do? I mean in my mind it makes sense, but that doesn't mean it'll work :P

  • It is possible to do it that way, but you have to take care with your IP assignment and dual WAN arrangement. You also have to ensure that you don't leave DHCP enabled on the Linksys.

    Overall, there's a greater chance of things going wrong and troubleshooting connectivity problems is going to be more effort.

  • Yeah, I just spliced cables to get the DSL modem in the same room as pfsense, works fine now. Signals aren't the best, but get very close to my advertised speeds(which is rare for at&t dsl lol)

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