VIP types problem/question

  • Set up a VIP as type Other.  I am forwarding port 80 traffic through a NAT forward from the VIP.  Everything was working and went to eat dinner.  When I came back that VIP wouldn't route traffic anymore.  Rebooted and still wouldn't route traffic.  Changed it to IP Alias and everything is working again.

    So question what type of VIP should I be using for this?

    Also what would cause this to fail?  Also to note I have about 120Mbit/sec running across the firewall, with about 15Mbit/sec on this VIP.


  • i use a IP Alias when doing the same thing, putting a second public IP address on the box then NATing the ports 80 and 443 to an internal address.

  • Thanks that is what I am using now, 12+ hours with no issues.

    Anyone know what the type of "other" would be used for?

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