How to change RRD Quality IP?

  • @sbyoon:

    I think I found the solution for RRD Quality gateway ip change with just slightly changing "/etc/inc/" file.

    Thanks sbyoon, that did it on my boxes!

    The 100% loss part is from an unpingable IP…


  • Hi sbyoon!

    Thanks! Now my quality graphs are working as expected!

    Thanks again.

  • Dear pfSense developers,

    Could you correct /etc/inc/ for futur version?

    Thank you.

  • Fixed.  Thanks for the detailed thread.

  • My RRD WAN quality was showing 100% loss I guess because my DSL modem is doing the PPPoE and it is on
    PFsense couldn't see the ISP gateway. So using this info here I was able to add the gateway the modem uses to my config.xml and now my RRD quality shows as it should. Guess it would have been simpler to put the modem in bridge mode and not have to do this. But I learned something!  ;)

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