Loss during update download hangs web GUI.

  • I have an unreliable Wan connection that drops frequently.  (fixed wireless).    I have found that if this occurs when I am downloading a snapshot update, then the pfSense WebGui becomes unresponsive.  pfSense continues to function, but the webgui is inaccessible.  Currently, the WebGui shows that 76% of the update has been downloaded, and has been this way now for over an hour.  I can open new windows and access other sites, it is just the webgui that stops responding.    Restarting the webconfigurator from the console does not solve the problem and the ony way to get back in is to reboot pfSense.  If the connection stays up the whole time then the update will work without issues.  I've had this happen several times during the beta (It has also occurred once during a package download as well).  Since most installations will not have a flaky connection, I don't think it is a critical issue, but it is annoying none-the-less.

  • Yes, I've experienced the same problem as well, but recently updated to the 9th April update. Is this still an issue? Let me see how tonight's update goes.

  • I think the issue is resolved.  I've updated several times in the last two weeks and even though my connection has dropped the upgrade completed successfully.

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