Shapshot tests question

  • I want to help test snapshots,  and think it would be good to have some semi standard tests and information  to submit.

    Is there such a list?

    for instance

    • setup rules to access ssh on pfsense and a computer on lan
       test from wan :  ssh into both

    • access webgui from offsite and on site

    • from console ping lan and wan

    … etc....

    then a  standard info thing at bottom


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There isn't really any standard set of unit tests or other performance/functionality tests. Mostly because the way people use the system is so varied that it is impossible to test all configuration scenarios.

    Pretty much you could probably setup a router with one PC behind it and update the router periodically. If it boots, and you can surf from behind it, and there aren't any crazy errors in the system logs or some service isn't running, it's probably OK for that scenario.

    There are just too many different kinds of setups to test even a significant portion of them regularly. That's why we sort of have to rely on feedback from people in the field on how things perform in their setup on their hardware and adjust accordingly.

  • Just create a setup which you would like to use and report errors and so on.
    That's the way everyone here is doing that.

    If you would test some specific scenarios and help, take a look here:,29857.0.html
    In the first post there is a link to redmine where you could find configurations which need more testing.

  • If you really want to put some serious effort into it, we'd love to have a great automated test suite. Just a matter of that's a huge amount of work to do in a manner that tests a wide range of functionality. You could setup a test environment with a number of installs that are using pretty much every feature, and write a set of tests to check all that functionality. You'll be busy for a long time.  ;D

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