Traffic shaping worth it for home network?

  • I'm running a small home network on a commercial cable modem line.  The reason I'm on a commercial line is that the bandwidth is not restricted and I have a four-hour response time for internet problems.

    However, I do not believe I am getting a guaranteed level of bandwidth.

    Anyways - is it really possible to perform traffic shaping on a cable modem line?

    For example, I run a game server (Minecraft), play internet games (low latency is important), download large files, stream video, etc.

    I'd love to be able to setup a hierarchy of important where my gaming internet traffic comes first and has low latency, then my streaming video, then my server traffic (ie. game servers, etc) and then automatically throttle my large file downloads to only use what's left.

    Is this really possible?  I know I can only control what's outgoing from my system and I can manipulate the TCP protocol so the receiver slows their upload speed (and my download speed) but I'm not sure how well this works.

    Can anybody give me any advice?

  • On my 1.2.3 pf system I run the shaper wizard and selected a few games from the list for higher priority then changed the mapped ports and names to the ports I actually wanted to use.
    This seems to work fine. Teamspeak Witch is already in the wizard (I host a server) and I Host an Urban Terror server . I have 6 other users that at any time could be using the connection for what ever 1 pounding on xbox live ( also shaped) and more on the lan playing Urban with 3 to 4 connecting from the internet to Urban and teamspeak. I also selected a few services I don't use to lower priority and most of the rest selected and left to normal. I have tested it by down loading a couple of torrents while we are all playing and the wan side players seemed fine.

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