Why is all my traffic hitting the qVOIPUp queue?

  • I have an Asterisk server behind pfSense, and a network with IP phones over an IPSec VPN tunnel.

    I ran the Traffic Shaper wizard, and set up the IP of the Asterisk server, but on the queue status page it looks like my qVOIPUp queue is running at about 10mbps and I'm really sure this corresponds to another data flow from a server using a different IP behind pfSense, also going over the VPN.  It is very very unlikely (impossible?) that my phones can generate this much traffic.

    I've reviewed the rules created by the wizard, and it looks pretty straightforward; we match certain types of traffic and we assign this traffic to a queue.  I only have two rules for the qVOIPUp queue and it is very clearly defined as traffic coming and going to the Asterisk server IP.

    So far I've done these things:

    • limited the Asterisk rule to UDP (that'll be okay because all the RTP will be UDP)

    • I setup the Asterisk via an Alias

    Neither of these things changed the behavior.  Is this a bug in the queue reporting page?  Is there a way to show the queues via the CLI?



  • I'm running this version:
    built on Sun Dec 6 23:21:36 EST 2009

    The auto-updater is set to stable.  What is the stable release cycle of pfSense?  Is it really over a year?

    Now that I see this, I wonder if most people are on stable or if they're on the snapshots - how 'stable' are the snapshots?

    Edit: I see that v2 RC1 is available so I've pretty much answered my own question.  I'll read the release notes and see if RC1 makes sense for me.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    2.0 is taking quite a bit longer than anyone expected, but we won't bind a cycle to a given date just for the sake of releasing it. It'll be ready when it's ready. :-)

    Hopefully the cycle will be much shorter for 2.1, but 2.0 is very ambitious, so much was added and changed it's taking quite a while to shake out all the bugs.

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