Squid Transparrent Proxy causes Sirius app to disconnect on iPod and iPad

  • Using pfSense 2 RC1, base setup with two interfaces (LAN/WAN) with a wireless AP connected to LAN.  Firewall has no added rules, only what installs as default with pfSense install.

    I've setup a squid transparent proxy and squidGurard.  I've noticed when connected with an iPod Touch or iPad and using the SiriusXM app, every couple minutes the stream stops and I get a data connection dropped message.  The proxy is also blocking me from streaming movies using the Xfinity app.  I noticed in the squid access.log the sirius app keeps connecting to sxm.quickplay.ca and the xfinity app connects to entitledhdstreams.xfinity.com.  If I set the proxy to bypass these two addresses, both apps work fine.

    Just trying to figure out why the proxy is causing these problem on these two apps.  Has anyone else ran in to this?


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