Dropping a User Connection

  • Guys,

    I'm struggling to find a way to:

    1º - which identify in real time User's doing transactions (downloads, videos …) that this overly consuming my bandwidth.

    2º - How to bring down the connection of this person

    I tried to find a way to do this via ssh tbm but without success (I'm not very used to mess with command line).

    ;D If anyone can shed some light I'll be grateful.

    Anyone who wants more information about installing and configuring the pfsense access my blog.


    Thanks so much and sorry about my english.. I'm Brazilian and dont speak english very well... ;)

  • A packet capture using tcpdump would work, but since you want to avoid the command line I would suggest installing the Darkstat package for pfSense.

    Configure Darkstat to listen on your LAN interface.  The package will collect data to see which addresses on your LAN are using the most bandwidth.  By clicking on an IP you can see the bandwidth usage by port.  Once you identify the host and port you can setup a firewall rule to block the offender.


  • Wow! Thank you so much Man! You save my self… ;D

  • Well… this dont resolved totally my problem.. because this program monitoring and guard the traffic information... I need to know who is connect and usage my band in real time... could be a command prompt


    Use in Status  >  Traffic graph

    PFSense is the best

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