Static routes disappearing 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT-01-24-2007

  • Something keeps deleting my static routes from the routing table after some time, without me
    performing any changes to pfSense. I can have the page diag_routes.php loaded in my web browser
    and reloaded that page from time to time, and suddenly some of my static routes are gone, and sometime
    later, all my static routes are gone, but they are still in System/Static Routes, and all i need to do is
    edit one static route(without changing any data) to get the button "Apply changes", press the button
    and the routes are back in the route table.

    Configuration error, feature or bug?

    Update: Time before all static routes disappear = under 20 minutes.
    Update: Using Version 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT-01-24-2007 built on Thu Jan 25 16:09:53 EST 2007

  • What kind of WAN do you have?

  • My primary WAN is a normal twisted pair Cat5e connection that converts in the basement,
    to fiber, thus being able to connect to the metropolitan area network. I don't have access to the fiber,
    the ISP delivery terminates as a TP cable in my home.

    My secondary WAN is a ADSL connection that terminates as a modem with four ethernet 10/100 twisted pair ports.

    Primary WAN is TeliaSonera.
    Secondary WAN is Telenor.

    Both WAN uses dynamic data. My primary isp can even, depending on what ip address they give me, give me totally
    different gateways, so nothing is ever sure with using static data.

  • Are there any log events that you can associate with the static routes disappearing?  This would be a huge help if you can associate the two.

  • I downloaded the 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT-01-24-2007 built on Tue Jan 30 02:26:31 EST 2007
    and with it, I don't have to add any static routes any more(Needed them to ping/monitor/use the
    DNS servers as part of failover), because they appear in the route table with the correct gateways.

  • Is it possible that your dynamic gateways change the subnet from time to time and thus the static routes don't find the proper gateway anymore and disappear?

  • I can't say at this time, but so far during these days use of pfSense, i have had the same ip address+gateway from
    my primary ISP(WAN) and my secondary ISP(OPT1) does not have their network built this way, they always give me
    the same gateway.

    I've dropped this as a issue because i don't have the need for static routes anymore.
    I've not seen this issue since i started to use a newer build, because i see the correct
    routes in my route table without the need for me creating static routes.

    I use the primary dns server on each ISP's network to ping/monitor from the failover pool.

  • There obviously is a bug here.  Can we persuade you to pick up the issue again?  We really need someone knowledgeable to help and you obviously know what your doing.  And frankly no matter how many times I view that cat in your avatar it makes me smile.

  • I've been busy so i could not revert back to 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT-01-24-2007 built 01-25-2007.

    I have now reverted back to it, and started to look at the route table before i did any another changes than
    those in the setup wizard.

    After that i added a load balancer for failover. Noticed that the static routes were added.
    My problem was probably a configuration problem. When i had the problem with static routes disappearing,
    i had added the same routes that were already in the route table(did not look there before adding static routes).

    So it's simply that adding a static route, that the load balancer has already added, is not a good idea ;D.
    The reason for the previous use of static routes were for the use of ISP dns servers, but it's not needed in my
    case, because i use them as my ping/monitoring targets for the failover pool 8).

    A mechanism that prohibits/warns about adding static routes that the load balancer has already added
    would prohibit this situation from occurring again.

    Btw, i found that cute little furball running around in peoples avatars and i wanted something expressing the mood i'm in :).

  • Please try the latest snapshot. The ping issues are fixed now too.

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