Cannot install any package on 2.0 nanobsd

  • Hello

    I've just installed PFSense 2.0-RC1 on a 1GB CF card. The installation and setup went fine but now i have a problem.

    I cannot install any package when i choose for example "OpenVPN Client Export Utility" i get this:
    Installation of OpenVPN Client Export Utility FAILED!
    Beginning package installation for OpenVPN Client Export Utility...
    Downloading package configuration file... failed!

    Installation aborted.

    Installation halted.

    Can somebody help me ?  i installed PFSense 2.0 RC1  the PFHacom edition because i cannot use my serial port.

  • You can only install packages on full HDD installs.,7721.0.html

  • That is not true

    On my previous installation Pfsense 1.2.3 Embedded on CF  i installed snort, pffflowd etc etc… without any problems.

  • This was true for the old "embedded" installations.
    Since "embedded" is discontinued and replaced by "nanoBSD" it's possible to install certain packages on "nanoBSD".

    @ djbshort: Could you try it on a standard image, not modified by hacom?
    I just recently installed the exact same package on an ALIX and it worked without problem.

  • i installed the PFsense version and not the PFhacom and it works !

    so don't install the nanobsd pfhacom version.

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